Get to know our platform and read the articles for new WhitePress® users. We have prepared a series of guidelines especially for you. Here you can find information: how to create and configure an account, create a project, add portals, publish articles, and more. Ready to speed up your content marketing strategy? Follow the instructions to join WhitePress® and never burn through your digital marketing budget again.

WhitePress® for beginners
How to add a portal to WhitePress®

Do you want to use WhitePress® platform as a Publisher and start to make money on sponsored articles? Check out our next guide for new users and learn how to add your website to the platform. Create your offers and wait for orders from advertisers. Once you start, it becomes much easier!

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How to top up an account in WhitePress®

If you have created an advertiser account in WhitePress®, you will find this guidebook very useful. Learn how to top up your account so that you can start to publish sponsored articles and order copywriting. Do not worry about the budgets - there is no minimum deposit required from the advertisers on our platform. The amount paid into your account depends on you.

How to open an account on WhitePress®

Do you want to make your content marketing more effective? It is possible with WhitePress®. Use our innovative tools to publish articles on thousands of websites, analyze your campaigns and get fast results. We automate communication between marketers, advertisers, publishers, bloggers, and vloggers. Get started with our beginner's guide to creating and setting up your account in WhitePress®.

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