SEO (search engine optimization) means a website optimization for Google search engine. Of course, you should also consider the user and particularly remember about them while optimizing the site for Google. SEO activities are the part of activities that is directly related to the website - it is called On-site activities (optimization). The most important optimization factors include:

  • keywords in the title tag
  • placing keywords in texts that are on the site,
  • selection of optimal headings (h1, h2, h3),
  • appropriate internal linking on the site,
  • optimization of meta tags, description and alts,
  • optimization of site loading time.

Positioning (link building) of websites in Google search engine is a set of actions that a webmaster or agency should perform in order to increase the visibility of the site on Google. Positioning is directed to the so-called Off-site activities i.e. building links to a positioned website. The quality and number of these links directly affect the visibility of the site on Google and this is the most important ranking factor of the Google algorithm.

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How to choose the best keywords for SEO?

Comprehensive keyword analysis is one of the foundations of proper SEO. If you do not perform a thorough analysis, this may hinder you in the future as your position in the search results for a given phrase may be high, but it does not benefit you in any way.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Search Engine Optimization is crucial if you want to be visible on the internet. It can be observed that more people every day are gaining broadband internet access, and today the number of users worldwide exceeds 3 billion. That's proof of one simple concept - if you provide services through the internet, you should take care to get a good search result position for your website so your potential customers can find you. The series of articles which we shall begin right now will show you the basics of SEO, and will give you some advice on how to do it yourself.

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