E-PR is public relations on the Internet. And it was the Internet that has changed the work of PR people the most. Now everyone can be a sender of information and opinions: both a reputable magazine and a participant in a social platform. You can not underestimate any opinions - even those written on a private blog. The role of PR agencies and PR departments is to create a message from the company, its distribution and promotion, but also to respond to emerging opinions.

The Internet also enables others technologies and transmission speed of information. Press releases and expert content can be available to everyone within a few minutes of their development. PR professionals can use many tools that facilitate contact with journalists, facilitate content distribution and increase their reach.

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Public Relations
8 effective ways that Public Relations can support content marketing

Content marketing has not only changed the way we look at marketing as a whole, but has also brought about changes in Public Relations. To put it simply - it has integrated content marketing with PR. Companies have started to notice that both fields have similar goals, and that both require content to reach these goals. So, if you want to know how to maximize the efficacy of content marketing, it is pretty simple - get your marketing and PR departments to cooperate with each other.

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