Content marketing, i.e. a strategy that consists in acquiring customers by publication of useful and very attractive content whose purpose is to arouse interest of both the general and specific group of recipients. This method of marketing is based on a one-sided advertising message, aimed at building stable and long-term relationships by involving both people who promote content and their recipients.

The most popular forms of content marketing include:

  • guides
  • sponsored articles
  • ebooks
  • expert articles
  • video
  • webinars
  • iconographics

The task of content marketing, apart from popularizing brands, is creating the basis for building visibility on Google which "promotes" good content. In addition, publishing and promoting popular and high-quality content causes that users naturally link good content, which directly improves the position of the site in the search engine.

Blog Content Marketing is created by the WhitePress editors and people cooperating with us. It includes our private thoughts on the subject of content marketing.

The blog was created to propagate the idea of content marketing and share our knowledge with our readers. We want to show you many aspects that popular content marketing is related to.

In our entries, we try to raise many topics directly and indirectly related to content marketing, showing how extensive this topic is. We hope to provide you with a lot of valuable knowledge, that you can use in practice.

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Content Marketing
Free tools for creation of infographics

One of the easiest ways to get a link is the creation of engaging content - something that users gladly share with others. Although this sounds like a repetition of what the biggest SEO expert - Matt Cutts - has said time and time again: "Build quality content", it is basically true. Infographics, which is what we are talking about, have become a very popular solution for SEO and content marketing.

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