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More than 6,800 websites,
5,000 influencers, and
60 journalists.
One Platform.
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WhitePress is a Content Distribution Platform

We have developed a fully automated publishing marketplace to simplify the lives of both advertisers and publishers.
We connect digital PR agencies, media agencies, and advertisers with website owners and influencers.
Today we connect over 1,000 advertisers with 3,700 publishers across the globe.

Platform's capabilities
Copywriting and Infographics We create high-quality copy and infographics. See more
Article Publication We publish articles on popular websites and blogs. See more
Analytics and Reports We provide popularity and engagement statistics. See more
For marketing agencies, media agencies, and premium customers.

WhitePress is a proprietary platform that automates content marketing campaigns and influencer marketing. Our services were created for informed marketers, their marketing agencies, SEO agencies, media agencies, and digital PR firms. We do not compete with our partners. Our clientele includes the largest marketing and media agencies in Poland.

Pricing and Services

Our partners are provided dedicated services and special discount pricing.


We educate our partners in content marketing and influencer marketing.

Business Protection

We value building long-term relationships, and don't compete with our partners. Our services are provided in a "white label" model.

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We work with 6901 websites and blogs
More than 6,800 websites, 5,000 influencers, 60 journalists. One Platform.
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