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WhitePress is a platform that automates content marketing campaigns and influencer marketing. Our services were created for "conscious" clients and for marketing agencies, SEO agencies, media houses and e-PR companies. Our cooperation is based on respect and clear rules. We do not compete with our partners. Our customers range includes the biggest marketing agencies and media houses in Poland. We deliver the service using our own technology.

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We educate our partners in content marketing and influencer marketing.

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We do not compete with agencies, we value long-term relations. We work in a "white label" model.

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The basics of website analysis - Google Analytics

Without proper analytics even the best SEO strategy, content marketing campaign, PR activities will go unnoticed. Careful measuring of the effects of the actions you and your competition take can be a great inspiration while observing the behavior of your audience may give you some ideas on how to proceed with your strategy. Take a look which tools should be in your analytical arsenal.

Why content Marketing is important for SEO?

If your SEO activities are still based on the rules set 2 years ago, you should read about the newest research and strategies which are much more safe to use and visibly increase the number of visits on your page. We propose SEO based on Content Marketing.

How to start a company blog?

Creation of a company blog is not only a great form of communication, but you can also use it to educate your customers. You can strengthen your relations with the client and present yourself as an expert in the field even for those who didn't utilize your services yet. How to use this tool? How to start your official blog?

Local Search Engine Optimization - what should you remember?

Google search results are becoming even more personalized than they were before to present the data which is the most relevant to the user's queries. One of the most visible elements of increased personalization is the focus on local search results for many competitive keywords. This way smaller companies have a chance to be more visible in the search query. Search Engine Optimization for local results differs a bit from a "normal" SEO - first and foremost, the optimization itself is a bit different. Read on to see which aspects are the most important ones.

How to measure the effectiveness of content marketing

Content marketing has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. If you carefully observe the international marketing trends, you may notice that there is an increase in presentations, infographics and reports shown in a more attractive way and, in turn, their effectiveness is also amplified.

How to optimize language version of the site for SEO?

Websites of today are not simple contact pages, but important marketing tools which can be used for different business purposes. Their effectiveness depends on the number of viewers, and this, in turn, is dependent on search engine visibility. Thus, creating an effective strategy for achieving good positions in search results (SEO) is crucial, especially for multi-language sites which aim to obtain users from different parts of the world.

We cooperate with publishers of 3688 portals and blogs
More than 3500 portals, 1400 influencers, 60 journalists. One platform.
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